Chain tensioner
Clamping the timing chain tensioner while rotating the engine. See for the direction the picture on the right.

The timing house cover is removed for this picture, but normaly it is mounted.



Chain tensioner - adjusting

The camshaft operates due to the rotation of the crankshaft by means of the timing chain. The chain tensioner is adjusted in a fixed position. The rotation clearance of the chain should be zero. Due to the rack in the chain, the tension of the chain must be checked regularly. Each 7,500 km (4,500 miles).

Remove the oil filling cap to assess the clearance. Turn the crankshaft with a ring spanner (32 mm) a little forwards and backwards. The chain must react directly to the movement of the crankshaft.

Adjusting the chain tensioner

The chain must have no clearance now while you rotate the crankshaft forwards and backwards. Turn the crankshaft at low speed in its normal direction of rotation using a ring spanner (see arrow B) on the crankshaft pulley bolt (32 mm) and tighten the clamp bolt for the tensioner firmly while rotating the crankshaft.

Check the clearance of the chain through the oil filling opening. The chain must react directly.

Chain tensioner


For better maintenance it is recommend to change the rubber tensioner pully after app. 30.000 km (18,000 miles).
The new course area of the rubber is smooth.
Renew the sealing O-ring 9 x 13 mm of the clamp bolt when it leaks.