Ball end of selector shaft
Using a small tapered tool to fit the new ball end. Warm the rubber ball end in hot water before fitting.

Selector shaft and oil seal
Position of the oil seal and
ball end

Ball end of selector shaft - oil seal 15 x 24 x 7

Maintenance 2 cylinder cars

Ball end and oil seal replacement

When the ball end have worn out, the space becomes too large. It is also possible that the ball end has become obsolete and is no longer fixed on the selector shaft. Then the ball end must be replaced.

My recommendation is to replace simultaneously also the oil seal when the ball end is renewed. In the event that only the oil seal must be replaced, the ball end must be also removed and renewed again.

Remove the ball end of the selector shaft using a saw and a grip, and clean the end of the selector shaft. With a sharp chisel and a screwdriver you can remove the oil seal. Clean the housing of the oil seal. Assemble the new oil seal 15 x 24 x 7 mm carefully. For purchase of the oil seal contact me.

Place the tapered tool on the selector shaft and push or hammer the ball, using a pipe or pipe key 10x11, into the selector shaft. The ball end sit normally well clenched.

Heat the ball end and the tapered tool in warm water (90 degrees Celsius) for a while. Because of this the ball end will be assembled smoothly and easily.


If the front engine rubber of the 2-cylinder engine is worn, the selector shaft with the ball end will press on the link rod. Changing gear then is nearly or no longer possible. This is also seen at the gear selector inside the car.

Selector shaft

4 cylinder: selector shaft (and ball end) indicates up.
2 cylinder: selector shaft (and ball end) indicates down, see photograph left.