Ignition timing Dynastarter Bosch

Contact breaker points


Support bracket for fixed contact

Grondplaat contactpunt Grondplaat contactpunt
Support bracket for fixed contact - check the shaft


Adjusting the ignition

Step 1
Remove the spark plugs to prevent the engine suddenly starts up.
Check automatic advance plate.
Unscrew (to the left) the rotor retaining bolt (M10 10K). Remove the automatic advance plate and polish the cam of the distributor ring. The cam face should be smeared with grease. The internal distributor ring with cam should be smeared with graphite grease. Check if the pivot of the support bracket is firmly fixed to the bracket and lubricate the pivot with grease. Fit the contact breaker points to the support bracket. Clean and polish the new contact points before fitting.

Step 2
Adjusting contact breaker points
Rotate the crankshaft about 45 degrees clockwise after TDC and adjust the contact breaker points to 0.14 to 0.16 inch (0,35 to 0,45 mm). Adjust the cap with the eccentric screw nr.5 to obtain the correct gap and tighten it in the position with screw nr.6. Check the gap again.

Step 3
Adjust the timing
Rotate the crankshaft using a ring spanner 17 mm to the OT mark (TDC). Slacken off the two screws of the contact breaker plate and move the plate a bit clockwise (to the right). Attach a test lamp 12V 2W. One lead to the connect breaker terminal and the other to earth. Switch on the ignition to "Fahrt".
Move the contact breaker plate in the opposite direction counter clockwise (to the left) until the test lamp bulb just lights. Lock the contact breaker plate with the two screws and recheck the timing. Switch off the ignition and detach the test lamp. Refit the rubber plug in the clutch housing.

Automatic advance plate


Vervroeger Vervroeger

Veren Spring strong and weak


Dynastart ontsteking instellen
A automatic advance plate- B surface advanve-ring fot contact breaker lever
C carbon brush
D collector of the armaturen
E contac breaker points - F condenser

Contact breaker points

Condenser 0,3 µF d= 18 mm L= 32 mm


Terminal plate + 12 Volt

Aansluitplaat 12V Dynastart

Carbon brushes

Koolborstels Koolborstels
Koolborstels Koolborstels

Dynastart component parts