Dismantling the clutch
Special NSU tool for dismantling the clutch.

NSU Tool
Remove tool trigger to remove the clutch from the crankshaft.

Bolt fot NSU tool
Bolt for dismantling tool see above

Changing the driven plate of the clutch Prinz 4



Clutch removal from engine from engine nr. 47 21605

Disconnect the battery for safety reason. Remove the operation cable and the release lever. Remove the aluminium blower housing. Remove the circlip 38 x 1,5 and watch out for the spring pressure. Remove the release bolt and other parts. Warning: remove after that the special locking washer from the crankshaft!
Locking washer
Unscrew the nut (24 mm) from the crankshaft and remove the spring washer. Remove the clutch with the remove tool trigger from the crankshaft. Take care of the half round key in the crankshaft.

Dismantling the clutch

All the parts that are fixed together must be marked near OT before dismantling. Use a centre-punch, do not paint. Use the wheel hub trigger, with bolt M12x1 x 74 and the release bolt bearing-combination to span the diaphragm. See photograph. Assemble the wheel hub trigger and release the diaphragm. Unscrew the 6x M5 bolts and remove the outer ring and locking ring; mark the position of the pressure plate. The driven plate can be lifted out of the clutch. The driven plate friction lining must be renewed. Check the surface of the pressure plate and the driving plate. Grind the pressure plates if necessary.

Clutch driving plateOld and new

Driving plate new
Driving plate new

Release bolt Adjustment bolt
Release bolt for bearing end adjustment bolt

Reassembly clutch

Reassembly is the reverse procedure. Lubricate all bearing points lightly with Molykote.

Warning: The clutch driven plate must be centralized accurately in the clutch with a tapered tool. When the driven plate is not correct centralized it is absolutely impossible to fit the clutch.

Installation clutch into engine

Watch the half round key in the crankshaft. It has the same position of the OT point.


Clutch release system

The clutch system Release lever

Locking ring position Bush for release bolt
Locking ring position / washer bearing | Bush for release bolt

Return spring Bolt for spring
Return spring and bolt

Clutch driving plate Clutch components
Clutch driving plate and all other components

Clutch parts removal from engine from engine nr. 47 21605

Reassemble the parts in reverse order of removing. Lubricate the release bolt inside and out site with grease.


Because the clutch is now partly dismantled, it is recomment to dismantle and clean the clutch entirely. Special tools will be needed.

Drawing clutch and parts

Drawing clutch parts 1e type NSU Prinz III and NSU Prinz 4.

Drawing clutch parts latest type NSU Prinz 4.

Legenda drawing clutch parts NSU Prinz 4.


Partslist clutch NSU Prinz III and NSU Prinz 4 original NSU including 2 parts drawing 1962-1963
PDF (4 Mb) 9 pages.