Safety bracket


Safety bracket mounted
Solex 34 PCI carburettor with the safety bracket

Safety bracket Solex 34 PCI

Avoid fire and install a safety bracket.
Mount the bracket on each Solex 34 PCI carburettor.
For all types of 2 - and 4-cylinder engines.


The aging of the material and the engine vibration, the carburettor pipe connecting will loose the fuel line. By driving the car, gasoline is sprayed on the hot engine and will cause a fire.


This simple bracket with the fule line clamp, ensures that the brass nozzle always remains in place, it is easy to install and virtually invisible.

Design and purchase

This proprietary design can be homemade or contact me.
Sturdy stainless steel bracket-plate 0.5 mm, 10 mm hose clamp, a lock nut M4.

Assembly instructions

Locking the nozzle again

* When the brass pipe is loose, reject the pipe from the carburettor cover and clean the nozzle pipe and hole. Make the nozzlepart that must be mounted slightly rough and assembly with a good locking liquid. Mounting the fuel line with the safety bracket.